Trisha Bazemore Bio

Trisha Bazemore

"Is photography an art? I'd say so. Is it "high art"? If that means "not for the masses", no way! Why? Because it's organic; photos result from our interaction with the world in all sorts of ways. I'm in awe of any medium that can produce a "masterwork" for everyone using it, anytime, whether they've been working at it for many years or trying it for the first time."

Working with a camera since she was twenty-three, trisha bazemore readily admits that she is passionate about photography, both as art and as a visual philosophy. Although she is a native Atlantan (a rare species), trisha has actually spent most of her adult years in California. ("I may have been born in Atlanta, but I found myself out West.") Most of that time was devoted to visual studies, beginning with a hands-on class in black and white developing and moving into experimental still and live works while completing a degree in film and television production at UCLA.

Having returned to Atlanta a few years ago, trisha is rediscovering her Georgia roots. Married to artist/painter Stephen Wolverine, she is finding new ways in her relationship and her professional life to explore her calling as a "visual poet". Whether her subject matter happens to be the shadowed crook of an arm or dew dripping off a solitary tree branch, she allows each to dictate how the image will eventually appear. " I happen to enjoy creating visual metaphors through the images I can capture with a camera. I use my camera the way a Chinese calligrapher uses his brushes -- slowly, deliberately, as a receptable for my chi (energy), allowing each photograph that results from this meditation to chronicle the path my spirit is currently exploring."

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